The flexible solution designed to meet your full range of payment and point-of-sale needs.

Clover Flex is the all-in-one device with the built-in capabilities to help you serve customers better—whether at the counter, in line, at the table or in the salon chair

Benefits for Business

Clover Flex features the same industrial strength payment capabilities and security as larger Clover devices with the flexibility to take payments at or away from the counter..

Accept more payments

Accept magnetic stripe, EMV® chip, standard credit and debit cards, and contactless payments (like Apple Pay®).

Protect what matters

Help protect your customers, your business and your reputation from fraud with built-in Clover Security.

Improve efficiency

Take orders, scan and manage inventory, accept payments and print, email or text receipts. It’s all included in the sleek and durable Clover Flex..

Manage Your Business

Monitor real time sales data and manage employee permissions and shifts from anywhere through our web dashboard and mobile companion app.

Enjoy mobility

Because it’s a wireless point-of-sale device with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, Clover Flex lets you do business right where you stand.

Connect with customers

Build effective loyalty programs, collect customer feedback and send customer promos in minutes.

Clover™ Flex

Running a business can seem like it gets more complex every day. It's time to simplify things—starting with how you take payments. That way, you can let the day-to-day transactions take care of themselves, and focus your energy more on the bigger picture.

Clover Flex Features
  • Small in size. Big on choice: Clover Flex is the feature-packed, space-saving POS you've been dreaming about for your small business.
  • Plays well with others: Clover Flex works seamlessly with other Clover components, so you can take orders in line or at the table, then finish at the counter on another Clover device.
  • Stay connected: Wireless 3G capability lets you take payments anywhere on the road—or use WiFi closer to home.
  • Pay at the table: No need to run back and forth to process a card, print the receipt, get the customer signature, and tip adjust. Just do it all at the table on Clover Flex.
  • Manage your inventory: Far from your standard POS system, Clover Flex features a built in camera and barcode scanner, so you can stay on top of your inventory too.
  • Signatures on the spot: Clover Flex accepts electronic signatures, which means no more piles of paper receipts, and helps prevent future chargebacks.
  • Mobile by design: Compact enough to be a handheld device, Clover Flex also has wireless 3G capability, making it ideal for small businesses that move fast—or move beyond four walls.
  • Up when you're down: Take payments even when your connection is down. Clover will run the payments as soon as you're back online.
Meet the Clover Flex